Angkor Night Market

The market is extremely bustling and lively at night, is considered the main shopping destination when visiting to Siem Reap, usually opens from 16:00 to mid-night. This place is tourist’s favorite where they can find a variety of clothing and handicrafts made by local communities or some organizations, especially Cambodian culture goods such as bandanna or souvernirs shaped Angkor Wat, jewelry and the most popular is silver jewelry with the affortable price.

Angkor Night Market in Siem Reap Pub Street near the Night Market

Located in downtown Siem Reap, Angkor Night Market was established in 2007 with the meaning purpose that make an effort to preserve traditional Khmer handicrafts as well as increase standard of lives of local people.

Traditional products aside, silver jewelry is the most favorite goods are sold in the market. Because in Cambodia, silver-based products are commonly used in religious ceremonies from the 11th century. From that reason, silver are sold in more and more in Siem Reap as a strong point and this outdoor market is not an except. When visiting the market, you can choose your favorite items for yourself or buy them as gifts without worrying about being ripped-off. That’s why the Angkor Night Market earn a lot of good impressions and be worthy to go around.

The tour guide at Angkor Night Market The Night Market

Whether you buy anything or not, you can have a browse and enjoy some interesting activities. First of all, trying a traditional Khmer massage is a must-to-do thing, with the cost is around 20 USD for 1 hour, the old treatment using a combination of local herbs and white wine compress helps you relax and massages your fatigued muscles after a long walking into the market. Or if you want to explore a new thing, you must try to drink an insect coffee at Bugs Cafe – a special coffee shop located into the night market. As its name, besides the usual drinks and meals, visitors also have the opportunity to challenge their bravery with dishes made from insects included spider, scorpion or grasshopper.

Notice that Angkor Night Market is conveniently located a few blocks away from the Old Market, off the Sivatha Boulevard in Siem Reap.