Bogyoke Market – one of the busiest markets in Myanmar

Bogyoke Market is located in downtown Yangon, so you can easily visit the most gem-filled neighborhood as well as attractions and the shopping district. Bogyoke Market where you’ll find slowly dying black market money exchanges, a growing art scene and rows of rare gems and jewellery shops. Towering ceilings, clean floors and semi-orderly shops make for a relatively serene experience by Southeast Asia market standards, but nevertheless, go before the day heats up and take plenty of breaks for the best experience. The prices of the products at the market are always affordable for tourists; this is a favorite shopping place for domestic and foreign tourists.

Bogyoke Market Myamnar

Outside of Bogyoke Market

What to buy at Bogyoke Market?

Bogyoke Market is the largest market in Yangon, Myanmar. Due to the market, you can easily find over 1000 shops selling smaller gem products and many more with luxury items, jewelry, handicrafts, and clothing. Bogyoke Market is like a miniature Myanmar, full of the patterns of ancient Burma.

Bogyoke Market Myamnar

A small souvenir shop in Bogyoke Market

This is the most extensive collection of Myanmar handicrafts and souvenirs available in Myanmar. Because not all items are classified according to geological pattern, tourists should look around for the most appropriate items or ask the guides if joining traveling tours. Tourists can buy Burmese rubies, pearl stones, and famous pearls with the best quality in the world in addition to fashionable clothes and accessories, gold jewelry, and other precious jewelry. To avoid problems at customs offices, tourists should look for shops that provide legal invoices when purchasing rare raw gems, ancient statues, and other highly valuable items. Another important tip is remembering to bargain. The actual prices are always much lower than that informed by the shops.

Bogyoke Market Myamnar

Some items should be purchased at the market, such as special brocade fabrics at Chin State and antiques, particularly lacquerware, at Heritage Gallery. This is also a good location to find skilled tailors. Aside from Myanmar cuisine, Chinese food is available in the market. The Lady Home restaurant serves delicious fried noodles, vermicelli dishes, fried and boiled pork treats, and sautéed food at the back of the market, behind Jewelry Row, near an old wooden bridge across an old railway track.

Bogyoke Market Myamnar

What is the best time to go to Bogyoke Market?

The market is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays and public holidays are off limits. The market has a wide variety of items to suit every visitor’s style and economic status. Tourists can find some nice things here in just a few hours of walking. This market has no admission fee. The best time to visit this market is after 3 p.m., when new goods are imported, providing visitors with more options and fresher goods. Like any other places in Myanmar, the best time in the year to visit this market is from November to February, when the weather is not so hot or rainy. Your trip to Myanmar will be incomplete if you miss this market.

How can I get to the market?

Some people still call Bogyoke “Scott market” as it was named during colonial times, but after independence in 1948, the market was renamed in honour of General Aung San. The entrance sits just off of Shwedagon Pagoda Road and Bogyoke Aung San Road and every taxi driver should know it. The market is free, with no camera fees, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

We hope that with information that we shared above will help you have an interesting trip to Myanmar and explore Bogyoke Market .