How to get to Vietnam Golden Bridge

Ba Na Hills, Da Nang is always a place that attracts many visitors each year. Recently, the number of visitors increases rapidly thanks to the opening of Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills. Since then, Golden Bridge (Cau Vang) –  the latest attraction at Sun World Ba Na Hills fantasy amusement park, is always on top of everyone’s Vietnam bucket list. From this article, Vietnam Travel Tour will help visitors know how to get the Golden Bridge in Ba Na hills.

How to get there

The most convenient way is taking an international flight directly from your country to Da Nang. If your country does not have direct flight to Da Nang, you can choose to fly to either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, then take a domestic fly to Da Nang. The Golden Bridge is located 30km west of Da Nang City in Vietnam.

When you get to Da Nang, our guide will meet you at the airport or hotel lobby. Then, he will take you to the Golden Bridge by Ba Na Hills cable car – the only access to the Golden Bridge – which is situated in Sun World Ba Na Hills fantasy amusement park. Get enjoy the ride in the he world’s longest cable car system while watching the spectacular views of Da Nang’s coastline and surrounding mountains. Once you arrive, you trip to Golden Bridge begin.

What to see

The Golden Bridge Da Nang was designed to evoke the image of Mountain God’s hands pulling a strip of gold silk. The shimmering golden walkway sits at 1,400 meters above sea level and stretches 150 meters through the treetops on Ba Na Hills.

Due to its popularity, the Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills is flooded with visitors, day in and day out, however, you will still get to enjoy uninterrupted panoramic views of the landscapes below.

However, if you arrive at the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills as soon as it opens at 7:30am you might get lucky to take some photos without the crowds. Also, wait till sunset and you might have the same luck.

Besides from the Golden Bridge, you can also enjoy Sun World Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park. It is really a fantasy land that recreates a French-style village with castles galore and cobblestone streets. Visitors can enjoy attractions such as the French village, flower gardens, wax museum, spiritual pagodas, the golden bridge, Bavarian beer garden, a rollercoaster and a fantasy park. Sun World is rated Vietnam’s most popular entertainment area and tourist attractions which brings in over 1.5 million visitors each year.

Now, you might feel very excited about this beautiful attraction. Let Vietnam Travel Tour help you to plan a trip to get there. We –Vietnam Travel Tour organizes private tours to Vietnam and visitors escorted by our professional guides will get chance to explore the charming Golden Bridge. Ask travel questions, get travel help related to Golden Bridge and adventures, please feel free to contact Vietnam Travel Tour’s tour planners today.